Chapter 5. Accessorizing Your App with Ionic Components

We have learnt to build the skeleton and base for a Mobile App. An actual app would contain multiple use cases and complex views, which would include many more elements and components. Ionic Framework equips developers with a multitude of reusable components and directives that they can use to develop apps rapidly. There are two categories of reusable components: CSS components for styling elements, and JS components for logic and interactions. The topics we will be discussing in this chapter are:

  • Ionic CSS components
    • Header and footer
    • Buttons
    • Lists
    • Cards
    • Forms
    • Input elements
    • Tabs
    • Grid
    • Utility styles
  • Ionic JS components
    • Actionsheet
    • Backdrop
    • Form inputs
    • Gestures and events
    • Lists
    • Loading
    • Modal
    • Popover and popup ...

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