Chapter 14. What a Friend We Have in RSS

The Skim

RSS Has a Wonderful Plan

What a Friend We Have in RSS

In Chapter 13, I give y'all a quick sell on the concept of RSS — the mechanism that nearly every site and service uses to inform the world of its latest content — and what a powerful tool it is. But the point of Chapter 13 is to talk about slick ways of accessing news, blogs, and Internet bookmarks.

In this chapter (Chapter 14), I want to focus more on the subject because the more you understand how pervasive site syndication is, the more powerful your iPhone becomes. The App Store has been a boon and a burden. There are a million apps out there (well, tens of thousands, but that's more than enough). The temptation is to download an eBay app to manage your eBay information, and a Twitter client to keep track of your favorite Twitterers, and a Flickr app to find out if your friends have posted new photos from their vacation.

But in truth, it's possible to use just one application — athird-party newsreader app such as RSS Runner (my fave), or even just the powerful RSS reader functions built in to your iPhone's Safari browser — to manage your whole life. True one-stop shopping: is single screen can give you aview on everything in the whole world that interests you.

So here are some elaborations about RSS and some of my favorite ways of exploiting it.


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. ...

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