Chapter 7. Stabilizing, Lighting, and Projecting

In This Chapter

  • Taking photos with an iPhone tripod

  • Using external lights with your iPhone

  • Taking a pocket projector along to display your photos

Having a phone, a still camera, and a video camera all in one shirt or jacket pocket is a great convenience. That doesn't even take into account the photography applications that give the iPhone some capabilities normally available only on computers. I discuss some of these applications in Chapters 9 and 10.

Additionally, an absolute fact is the better the original photograph, the better the final result. Two major factors in capturing a good photograph are camera stability and lighting. Whether you want to hold the camera steady or take your own photo, a tripod is indispensible. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 can handle low-light situations (the iPhone 4 even provides its own flash), but the other iPhone models require getting some light on the subject. Are there tripods and lights that are appropriate for the iPhone? The answer is yes, and though I don't fully review each device, I want you to appreciate your iPhone's advanced photography capabilities. Obtaining these accessories adds to the cost of your iPhone but may be worth it by enhancing your photo capabilities.

Stabilizing, Lighting, and Projecting


As you can imagine, accessories and applications for the iPhone are updated continually. Manufacturers have said they are in the ...

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