Chapter 7. Creating an IPv6 Addressing Plan


In this chapter, we’ll take advantage of the topics we learned in Chapters 4 through 6 to walk through building from scratch a couple of sample IPv6 address plans for a (thank $DEITY) fictional company.

We’ll learn effective entry points into our address plan design that depend on whether we want to focus first on the part of our plan within a site or the part of the plan between sites.

Along the way, we’ll explore in depth methods for mapping the network topology into the address plan—how, thanks to the typically large size of an IPv6 address allocation, subnets identifying function and location can be derived from the available bits (bits that were in short supply in IPv4).

Finally, we’ll look at some of the address planning considerations for network topologies that extend the traditional enterprise network in the form of data centers, cloud deployments, and sensor networks.

Meet Strangelove Solutions, LLC

Strangelove Solutions LLC is a boutique software and engineering firm specializing in doomsday scenario and global catastrophic risk modeling, as well as deluxe mineshaft estates, for the discerning (and well-heeled) doomsday prepper.

They have a number of offices in North America, including their headquarters campus in Damascus, Arkansas, and sales offices in Faro, North Carolina and Yuba City, California (Figure 7-1).

Strangelove Solutions inter-site topology
Figure 7-1. Strangelove ...

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