Appendix B. SNAP Mobile

In this appendix, we introduce the development of connected mobile games, with features such as a friends list, presence, chat or instant messaging, rankings, head-to-head connected games, versatile world games, matchmaking, lobbies, and game rooms. Developing and hosting such an infrastructure is a costly and technological challenge, something that very few companies can afford in this highly competitive market. With that in mind, we focus our attention on Nokia's SNAP Mobile solution ( for developing connected Java ME games. It shields games companies from having to spend money and resources building their own multiplayer game infrastructure and provides operators, service providers, publishers and developers with strong business opportunities and new revenue streams for mobile Java ME games.

We begin with an overview of a SNAP Mobile game's business model, followed by a description of the game development process. We then review the tools used for developing connected games and finally take a look at some code examples of games using the connected gaming features provided by the SNAP Mobile platform.

Business Model

SNAP Mobile is Nokia's end-to-end solution for connected mobile games and game-playing communities. It offers operators and wireless service providers a complete turnkey approach and enables them to provide connected mobile games and create online communities quickly and with very little effort. SNAP Mobile uses the ...

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