Part I

Navigating the Interview Process

Part I covers many of the essentials for a technical developer interview, from writing an appropriate resume to more technical topics, regardless of any language specifics.

Chapter 1 discusses the different types of interviews that are used for assessing candidates.
Chapter 2 explains how to write an appropriate resume and cover letter, and highlights the points that interviewers often look for when reading resumes.
Chapter 3 describes how to approach the different interview types.
Chapter 4 covers some basic algorithms, such as sorting and searching. These are popular topics for an interview and are essential for understanding in a day-to-day programming job.
Chapter 5 covers some important data structures. These too are often discussed in interviews, and knowledge of these is essential in most development roles.
Chapter 6 is on design patterns. Design patterns are often a favorite interview topic.
Chapter 7 looks at some useful interview questions, which are often used across a variety of programming languages, not just for Java interviews.

Chapter 1

Dissecting Interview Types

Simply put, employers conduct interviews to recruit new talent, or to fill a necessary gap to improve a team’s productivity. Within a development team or department, you will find a wide range of skills, and on the whole, this is key to making a team gel. It is simply not possible for one person to develop and manage a professional-grade application, there is ...

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