Writing JavaScript is more fun today than it's ever been before. In recent years, HTML5 introduced a wide variety of JavaScript APIs that push the boundaries of what developers can achieve in the browser. These new APIs allow you to create impressive features such as 3D graphics, geolocated data, and high performance animation. But HTML5's advancements are much more than flashy components to stun your audience. They also include a number of APIs to streamline the development process and allow you to create the next generation of web apps.

If the browser-level advancements aren't enough to get you excited, there's also server-side JavaScript with Node.js. Node isn't just some academic exercise about making a server with JavaScript. It's a production-ready server solution that caters to modern web app models, which need to relay messages to and from the user in real time.

This book teaches you how to create a next generation JavaScript app. You'll not only learn how to build the app, but I also explain the theory behind the way you should build it. By the end of the book, you'll be armed with techniques for building rich, interactive apps. But more importantly, you'll have a deeper understanding of engineering best practices. You'll be a more responsible developer whether you're writing JavaScript, or using another language to build the apps of the future.

The book is divided into four parts:

Part I: A Firm Foundation—Part I starts by covering some general best ...

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