This book was only made possible through a broad community effort. First, we would like to thank those who contributed guidelines to this book, including Ron Bandes, Jose Sandoval Chaverri, Ryan Hall, Fei He, Ryan Hofler, Sam Kaplan, Michael Kross, Christopher Leonavicius, Bocong Liu, Bastian Marquis, Aniket Mokashi, Jonathan Paulson, Michael Rosenman, Tamir Sen, John Truelove, and Matthew Wiethoff.

The following people also contributed to this work, and their efforts are greatly appreciated: James Ahlborn, Neelkamal Gaharwar, Ankur Goyal, Tim Halloran, Sujay Jain, Pranjal Jumde, Justin Loo, Yitzhak Mandelbaum, Todd Nowacki, Vishal Patel, Justin Pincar, Abhishek Ramani, Brendon Saulsbury, Kirk Sayre, Glenn Stroz, Yozo Toda, and ...

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