Note: Page numbers followed by f indicate figures, b indicate boxes and t indicate tables.


Artificial intelligence (AI), 97
Associative array, See Key-value store model
Atomicity, consistency isolation, and durability (ACID)
locking schemes, 3, 4
microfilm systems, 4
optimistic concurrency model, 4–5
pessimistic concurrency model, 4


Basically available, soft state, eventual consistency (BASE), 11–12
Basic Regular Expressions (BRE), 95–96
Berkeley database (BDB), 83–84
Bertillon cards, 130–131
Big Data model
cloud computing, 123b
company, 122–123
complication, 122
costs, 122
in-house servers, 122
internet connection, 124
IT fad, 121–122
technical changes, 123–124
data mining
definition, 124
nontraditional analysis, 125–126
systems consolidation, ...

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