About Joomla menu module

category Basic Options, 58

category description, 55

category menu item, 64–67

category menu options, 132

contact menu options, 196

defined, 64

global category options, 128–129

Menu Item Manager for, 64

news feed menu items, 200

web links menu items, 203

Access drop-down menu, 195, 238

ACL (access control level)

assign to user groups, 219–220

assign user groups to users, 221

create new, 218–219

Messaging component, 205

new in Joomla 1.6, 335

overview of, 29

permissions vs., 208

Add a New Articles Category screen, 53

Add New Article

create new category, 80–81

display article on category pages, 255

install editor, 231

Add to Root, copy categories, 52

Admin Email field, installation wizard, 17

Admin Praise, 165

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