Chapter 6. Facilitator’s Resource Kit

If you have been selected as a facilitator to assist in the development of performance measures, you will need to be completely familiar with Chapters 1 through 5 of this book. This resource kit provides you with three additional components to assist you in executing your role, namely:

  1. Two introductory key performance indicator (KPI) presentations on Search under Parmenter and view and listen to “Strategic Performance Management: How KPIs Show Your Organization’s Health (Part I & II).” All you will need is a fast connect, sound card, speakers, and to register which is FREE. The site is an excellent source of the latest management thinking.

  2. Some checklists

  3. A list of typical questions (and answers) you may expect to confront in your role

Remember the Fundamentals

Coaches often talk about doing the fundamental or basic things well to ensure success. This is good advice for facilitators of KPI development, because at times the process will appear to be quite involved and complex.

As you carry out your role, always review the four foundation stones to check that your efforts are concentrated in the right areas (see Exhibit 6.1).

Four Foundation Stones

Figure 6.1. Four Foundation Stones

12 Steps and the Facilitator’s Involvement in Them

It is important that the facilitator’s role is one of facilitation and mentoring and not project leadership. The facilitator ...

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