Chapter 9. React Redux

In Chapter 6, we learned how to construct React components. We built the color organizer app using React’s state management system. In the last chapter, we learned how to use Redux to manage our application’s state data. We completed building a store for our color organizer app that is ready to dispatch actions. In this chapter, we are going to combine the UI that we created in Chapter 6 with the store that we created in the last chapter.

The app that we developed in Chapter 6 stores state in a single object in a single location—the App component.

export default class App extends Component {

    constructor(props) {
        this.state = {
            colors: [
                    "id": "8658c1d0-9eda-4a90-95e1-8001e8eb6036",
                    "title": "Ocean Blue",
                    "color": "#0070ff",
                    "rating": 3
                    "id": "f9005b4e-975e-433d-a646-79df172e1dbb",
                    "title": "Tomato",
                    "color": "#d10012",
                    "rating": 2
                    "id": "58d9caee-6ea6-4d7b-9984-65b145031979",
                    "title": "Lawn",
                    "color": "#67bf4f",
                    "rating": 1
                    "id": "a5685c39-6bdc-4727-9188-6c9a00bf7f95",
                    "title": "Party Pink",
                    "color": "#ff00f7",
                    "rating": 5
        this.addColor = this.addColor.bind(this)
        this.rateColor = this.rateColor.bind(this)
        this.removeColor = this.removeColor.bind(this)

    addColor(title, color) {

    rateColor(id, rating) {

    removeColor(id) {

    render() {
        const { addColor, rateColor, removeColor } = this
        const { colors } = this.state
        return (
            <div className="app">
                <AddColorForm onNewColor={addColor} />
                <ColorList colors={colors ...

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