This book would not have been possible without the support and assistance of a great many people. We thank Lenore Bach, Jon Bach, Becky Fiedler, Leslie Smart, and Zach Pettichord for support, understanding, and assistance while three frantic men thought of nothing but their book. We thank Pat McGee for providing research assistance at a crucial time.

We benefited from detailed and thoughtful reviews of early drafts. We've added several of our reviewers' examples and descriptions of alternative perspectives to the book. We thank Ståle Amland, Rex Black, Jeffrey Bleiberg, Hans Buwalda, Ross Collard, Lisa Crispin, Chris DeNardis, Marge Farrell, Dorothy Graham, Erick Griffin, Rocky Grober, Sam Guckenheimer, George Hamblen, Elisabeth Hendrickson, Doug Hoffman, Kathy Iberle, Bob Johnson, Karen Johnson, Ginny Kaner, Barton Layne, Pat McGee, Fran McKain, Pat McQuaid, Brian Marick, Alan Myrvold, Hung Nguyen, Noel Nyman, Erik Petersen, Johanna Rothman, Jane Stepak, Melora Svoboda, Mary Romero Sweeney, Paul Szymkowiak, Andy Tinkham, Steve Tolman, and Tamar Yaron.

This book has benefited enormously from numerous discussions we've had at the Los Altos Workshops on Test Automation, the Workshops on Heuristic & Exploratory Techniques, the Software Test Managers' Roundtable, the Austin Workshops on Test Automation, the Patterns of Software Testing Workshops, and at many other workshops, conferences, classes, and worksites with so many people who have put their hearts into finding ...

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