CHAPTER 1 Basket Case

Image of an ice cream freezer with a logo of an ice cream cone, inscribed in a circle. Two children are also leaning over the edge of the freezer.

‘I've yet to find a level of enthusiasm that tops “Holy shit look at this giant potato chip!”’

—Macaulay Culkin

It's so true isn't it? Doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, how cool you are or even what age you are, if you pull a massive crisp out of the bag you are absolutely going to turn to every other person in the room and share the outstanding news that you have pulled a gigantic piece of fried potato from a bag.

Ever since I was a wee boy, an abnormally large crisp has blown my mind. Even if I'm on my own I sit up and look around for someone to show! The great thing about modern days is the fact you ...

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