CHAPTER 6 Confidently Lost

Image of a wooden arrow direction sign board. The directions of the arrows are labeled “River Breakdown (on the left-hand side),” “Anxiety Alley (on the right-hand side),” “F*ck it! (at the front),” and “Deep (at the back).”

Sometimes things go wrong. Even humans.

They say everyone has a chapter they don't read out loud.

Here's mine, written out loud.

Think of it as the hidden track on your favourite album from back in the day when albums were so awesome they had a 7–10 minute period of silence after the last track. And then just after you'd finally fallen asleep…you were rudely awoken by a mysterious noise that would lead you into a weird and wonderful world that left you feeling uneasy, yet strangely at peace.

But with questions…

So many questions.

I'm looking at you Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day. You and that drummer of yours ...

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