Chapter 17. Changed, Undocumented, and Misdocumented Lingo

This chapter describes underdocumented and undocumented Lingo commands. Refer to the online Help topic “Lingo Elements, New in Director 6,” for a list of new Lingo keywords in D6. See Appendix B, and the Director 6 ReadMe file for details on Lingo changes between the D6.0, D6.0.1, D6.0.2, and D6.5 releases.

Underdocumented Utilities and Lingo

Most of the following utilities are officially supported, but they are not covered in the Director manuals, online Help, or Lingo pull-down menus. Many related keywords are included in Chapter 18, or in Appendix B.


Both the Macintosh and Windows versions of Director look for a file called LINGO.INI in the same folder as the Projector and run its on startUp handler, if any. Refer to Appendix D.

Director for Windows supports many configuration options that are documented only within the comments of the DIRECTOR.INI file. The ones of most interest are:

SoundLevel0 through SoundLevel7

Refer again to Appendix D for details.

Launcher Utility

The Launcher Utility can start either a 16-bit or 32-bit Projector on Windows. Use it to create one clickable icon for all Windows users (analagous to the operation of a “Fat” Macintosh Projector). See the Goodies\Launcher folder on the Director 6 for Windows CD.

Xtras and XObjects

Xtras and XObjects add many commands to Lingo. You generally can obtain the documentation by querying the Xtra ...

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