Chapter 18. Lingo Keyword and Command Summary

Table 18-1 is an alphabetical list of over 1100 words and phrases that have relevance in Director. That’s nearly twice what you’ll find in Macromedia’s Lingo Dictionary or any other single source! Refer to Table 17-1, and Table 17-2 in Chapter 17, for details on undocumented and misdocumented Lingo and Lingo that behaves differently in D6 than in earlier versions. Refer to Table 16-1 in Chapter 16, for details on codes used by each command, such as ink and transition types (and much more). Refer to Chapter 19, and the downloadable Chapter 22, Symbol Table Archaeology, for the gory details on the Lingo Symbol Table. Refer to Appendix B, for details on new Lingo in D6.5.

Why a Massive Table?

I think you’ll appreciate this thorough list of all Lingo keywords, symbols, commands, properties, and functions. I opted to organize it alphabetically; refer to the appropriate chapters for commands grouped by topic.


Many of the commands summarized in Table 18-1 are covered in detail in other chapters in this book; if not, refer to the companion volume, Director in a Nutshell.

Table 18-1 provides a quick syntax reference when you know what command you want. It also helps beginning Linguists (when examining someone else’s Lingo code) to distinguish between predefined keywords and variables or handlers that the programmer created. (Some programmers use variables or symbols that have the same name as existing Lingo properties. You should strive to understand ...

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