Universal Access

The Universal Access panel is designed for people who type with one hand, find it difficult to use a mouse, or have trouble seeing or hearing. (These features can also be handy when the mouse is broken or missing.)

Seeing Tab (Magnifying the Screen)

If you have trouble seeing the screen, then boy, does Mac OS X have features for you (Figure 9-15).


One option is an all-new feature called VoiceOver, which makes the Mac read out loud every bit of text that’s on the screen. VoiceOver is described in Announce when an application requires your attention.

Magnify the screen

Another quick solution is to reduce your monitor’s resolution—thus magnifying the image—using the Displays panel described earlier in this chapter. If you have a 17-inch or larger monitor set to, say, 640 x 480, the result is a greatly magnified picture.

That method doesn’t give you much flexibility, however, and it’s something of a hassle to adjust. If you agree, then try the Zoom feature that appears here; it lets you enlarge the area surrounding your cursor in any increment.

To make it work, press Option--8 as you’re working. Or, if the Seeing panel is open, click On in the Zoom section. That’s the master switch.

No zooming actually takes place, however, until you press Option--plus sign (to zoom in) ...

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