Note to the reader: Throughout this index boldfaced page numbers indicate primary discussions of a topic. Italicized page numbers indicate illustrations.

Symbols and Numbers

* (asterisk), in Outliner filter, 17

= (equal sign), to add expression, 23

1:1 icon, in Paint Effects window, 414

2D containers, for fluids, 855, 856857

2D Pan/Zoom tool, 59, 60

3D Cast, 450

3D containers

for fluids, 855, 864865

options for adding content, 865866

3D glasses, stereo cameras for movies using, 97

3D modeling, with Google Sketchup, 475

3D objects

bottom line solutions, 896

making paintable, 417

in Paint Effects, 417418

3D text for logos, 182


Accuracy option

for Final Gathering, 493

for global illumination, 480, 480

active layer, green circle for, ...

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