Let's Start Programming

Mastering Bash is the art of taking advantage of your environment to make the best out of it. It is not just a matter of dealing with boring routine tasks that can be automated. It is crafting your working space so that it becomes more efficient for your goals. Thus, even though Bash scripting is not as expressive as other more complex languages, such as Python or JavaScript, it is simple enough to be grabbed in a short time, and so flexible that it will suffice for most of your everyday tasks, even the trickiest ones.

But is Bash so plain and easy? Let's have a look at our first lines in Bash. Let's begin with something easy:

gzarrelli:~$ time echo $0/bin/bashreal 0m0.000suser 0m0.000ssys 0m0.000sgzarrelli:~$ 

Now, ...

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