The conditional text in JSF

When you need to output the conditional text (without the HTML content), you can use the EL ternary operator, which has the following syntax:

boolean_test ? result_for_true : result_for_false

For example, you can use this operator to select between two CSS classes, as shown in the following code:

.red { color:#cc0000; } 
.blue { color: #0000cc; }

Now, you want to conditionally output a red or a blue text, as shown in the following code:

<h:outputText styleClass="#{ == 'Left' ? 'red': 'blue'}" value="#{}"/>

So, if the value of play is Left, the text will be displayed using the red CSS class, and if it is not Left, then the blue class will be used.


Keep in mind that the HTML content is not ...

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