Chapter 8. JSF 2.2 – HTML5 and Upload

This chapter can be read in two parts. The first part will present the JSF 2.2 support for HTML5, while the second part discusses the new upload component of JSF 2.2. Apparently, these two parts are not related, but as you will see, the upload component of JSF 2.2 can be spiced up with HTML5 features and the new pass-through attributes can be very helpful to extend the upload component of JSF 2.2 with HTML5 upload component facilities.

Working with HTML5 and JSF 2.2

Everybody involved in web application development is enthusiastic to explore and use HTML5, which comes with a suite of new components and features, such as <audio>, <video>, <keygen>, and so on. Starting with version 2.2, JSF developers can interact ...

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