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Mastering Self-Motivation

Book Description

The surge of motivational titles flooding bookstore shelves amid the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression is evidence of our society’s growing obsession with self-improvement. Recently two areas of growing interest among academics have been positive organizational behavior and psychological capital. While books on these subjects have led to a new understanding of motivation, they have limited their focus to two ends of a continuum. This book pays heed to the extensive research and careful conclusions of academicians, and then crosses into the realm of self-help and massmarket literature. It has nine chapters that blend topics being taught over two decades in the classroom and practiced in management consulting. Each chapter invites you to learn both theoretical and practical concepts and encourages you to apply this knowledge to the workplace. This book thus seeks to mediate market-driven self-help dreams and academic literature, and provides theoretical concepts that can enhance individual motivation presented in a comprehensive and enjoyable manner. This is the first motivational book that brings together the academic and popular literature to bridge the gap between common sense and theoretical concepts.