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Mastering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

Book Description

Expert coverage of Microsoft's highly anticipated network software deployment tool

The latest version of System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) is a dramatic update of its predecessor Configuration Manager 2007, and this book offers intermediate-to-advanced coverage of how the new ConfigMgr boasts a simplified hierarchy, role-based security, a new console, flexible application deployment, and mobile management. You'll explore planning and installation, migrating from ConfigMgr 2007, deploying software and operating systems, security, monitoring and troubleshooting, and automating and customizing ConfigMgr 2012 with scripts.

  • Features an unparalleled team of authors, two of whom are insiders at Microsoft and have worked with ConfigMgr since nearly its inception

  • Provides in-depth coverage and offers a hands-on approach to learning all there is to know about ConfigMgr

  • Explores why ConfigMgr 2012 is the most significant update in its 16-year history

  • Packed with real-world scenarios to show you how to use ConfigMgr in various contexts, Mastering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager covers all aspects of this powerful and complete network software deployment tool.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Contents
    3. Title
    4. Copyright
    5. Dedication
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. About the Authors
    8. About the Contributing Author
    9. Introduction
    10. Chapter 1: Overview of Operations Management
      1. Defining Operations Management
      2. Understanding IT Service Management
      3. Overview of System Center Configuration Manager
    11. Chapter 2: Planning a Configuration Manager Infrastructure
      1. Gathering Deployment Intelligence
      2. Planning the Configuration Manager Environment
      3. Designing Your Configuration Manager Environment
      4. The Bottom Line
    12. Chapter 3: Migrating from Configuration Manager 2007
      1. Introducing Migration
      2. Migration Functionality in Configuration Manager 2012
      3. Planning a Migration
      4. Performing the Migration
      5. Migrating Packages to the New Application Model
      6. Migrating Branch Offices with the Physical-to-Virtual Migration Toolkit
      7. The Bottom Line
    13. Chapter 4: Installation and Site Role Configuration
      1. Understanding Configuration Manager 2012 Site Types
      2. Implementing Site Servers
      3. Installing Site System Roles
      4. Understanding Configuration Manager 2012 Site System Roles
      5. The Bottom Line
    14. Chapter 5: Role-Based Administration
      1. Overview of Role-Based Administration
      2. Security Roles
      3. Security Scopes
      4. Collections
      5. Administrative Users
      6. The Bottom Line
    15. Chapter 6: Client Installation
      1. Creating Client Settings
      2. Discovering Network Objects
      3. Configuring Boundaries and Boundary Groups
      4. Client Installation Methods
      5. Verifying Client Installation
      6. Troubleshooting a Client Installation
      7. Ensuring Client Health
      8. The Bottom Line
    16. Chapter 7: Application Deployment
      1. What’s New in Application Deployment?
      2. Dependencies for Application Deployment
      3. Elements of Application Deployment
      4. The Application Deployment Process
      5. The Bottom Line
    17. Chapter 8: Software Updates
      1. What’s New in Software Updates
      2. Prerequisites for Software Updates
      3. Elements of Software Updates
      4. The Software Update Process in Configuration Manager
      5. Planning to Use Software Updates in Configuration Manager
      6. Configuring Software Updates
      7. Preparing Software Updates for Deployment
      8. Deploying Software Updates with the Deploy Software Updates Wizard
      9. Using System Center Updates Publisher
      10. Monitoring Software Update Deployments
      11. The Bottom Line
    18. Chapter 9: Operating System Deployment
      1. What’s New in Operating System Deployment
      2. Planning for OSD with Configuration Manager 2012
      3. Deployment Process
      4. Preparing Configuration Manager 2012 for Operating System Deployment
      5. Adding Operating System Installers
      6. Developing a Task Sequence for Creating a Capture Image
      7. Capturing an Operating System Image
      8. Deploying an Image
      9. Deploying the Operating System on Bare Metal
      10. Installing Device Drivers into OSD
      11. Servicing Your Operating System Images Offline
      12. Using User Device Affinity
      13. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012
      14. Maintaining the User State
      15. The Bottom Line
    19. Chapter 10: Asset Intelligence
      1. Requirements for Asset Intelligence
      2. Elements of Asset Intelligence
      3. Configuring Asset Intelligence
      4. Import Software License into Asset Intelligence
      5. The Bottom Line
    20. Chapter 11: Inventory and Software Metering
      1. Inventory in Configuration Manager 2012
      2. Software Metering in Configuration Manager 2012
      3. The Bottom Line
    21. Chapter 12: Reporting
      1. Installing SQL Server Reporting Services
      2. Running a Report
      3. Working with Reporting Security
      4. Managing Reports
      5. Creating Reports
      6. Importing and Exporting Reports
      7. The Bottom Line
    22. Chapter 13: Compliance Settings
      1. Overview of Compliance Settings
      2. Configuring Compliance Settings Client Settings
      3. Creating Configuration Items
      4. Building a Configuration Baseline
      5. Compliance Settings Reporting
      6. Importing Configuration Packs
      7. The Bottom Line
    23. Chapter 14: Mobile Device Management
      1. What’s New in Mobile Device Management
      2. Requirements for Mobile Device Management
      3. Troubleshooting
      4. The Bottom Line
    24. Chapter 15: Troubleshooting
      1. Creating the Maintenance Plan
      2. Using Troubleshooting Tools
      3. Troubleshooting Configuration Manager Deployment
      4. Troubleshooting Configuration Manager Database Replication
      5. The Bottom Line
    25. Chapter 16: Disaster Recovery
      1. Planning for Disaster Recovery
      2. Backing Up Configuration Manager
      3. Restoring Configuration Manager
      4. Recovering Configuration Manager
      5. Other Site Maintenance Options
      6. The Bottom Line
    26. Chapter 17: System Center Endpoint Protection
      1. Differences between FEP and SCEP
      2. Additional Benefits of SCEP
      3. Endpoint Protection Site System Role
      4. Endpoint Protection Client Agent
      5. Endpoint Protection Policies
      6. Definition Files
      7. Alerts
      8. Reporting
      9. The Bottom Line
    27. Chapter 18: Client Health
      1. Understanding the Client Health Mechanism
      2. Client Health Evaluation: Results
      3. The Bottom Line
    28. Appendix: The Bottom Line
    29. Index