Appendix A. Project Templates

This appendix lists all of the different project templates that are provided with Visual Studio .NET. As well as listing the names of the templates, a short description of the purpose of each template is provided. (See Chapter 9 for more information on how to add your own templates.)

Visual Basic, C#, and J# Projects

The following Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual J# projects are available in Visual Studio .NET:

Windows Application

This template creates a .NET-based Windows application with a Windows Forms GUI.

Class Library

This template creates a .NET class library (DLL).

Windows Control Library

This template creates a .NET class library. There are only two differences between this and the Class Library template. First, newly created projects of this type have a reference to the Windows Forms components. Second, this template creates a project containing a Windows Forms user control by default.

ASP.NET Web Application

This template creates an ASP.NET web application. VS.NET can create a new IIS web application on the web server, or it can just add the project files to an existing one. Since this template is designed for building web-based user interfaces, it includes a Web Form (WebForm1.aspx).

ASP.NET Web Service

This template creates an ASP.NET web application. This is very similar to the ASP.NET Web Application template, the main difference being that instead of providing a Web Form as a starting point, it provides a skeleton web service (Service1.asmx

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