Chapter 1

Introducing the Programming C# Certification

What You Will Learn in This Chapter

  • Getting certified
  • Understanding Microsoft certifications
  • Understanding Microsoft certification exams
  • Studying for the exam

This chapter is an introduction to Microsoft certifications in general and the Programming C# certification more specifically. In this chapter, you learn about the world of Microsoft certifications and why you might consider taking this exam and getting certified. The chapter also presents information on how exam questions are considered and written for Microsoft exams and describes how you can use this book to study for Exam 70-483.

A complete list of the topic areas that are covered on Exam 70-483 is also included to help you understand what to expect for objectives of each exam as you work toward your MCPD certification using the C# programming language.

Due to the nature of the content of Chapter 1, there are no code downloads for this chapter.

Getting Certified

Certifications have been around for many years. Hardware manufacturers certify components, car dealers provide certified used cars, developers certify software to run on specific operating systems—and that’s just to name a few.

What this basically means is that the term certification can have many different definitions depending on the context in which it is used. In this book, certification refers to Microsoft certifications. (Specifics about Microsoft certification are presented in the section “What Is ...

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