When we first talked about writing this book, our idea was to offer a way to our readers to learn to program using C#, and the byproduct of this process was for you to pass the 70-483 certification exam given by Microsoft. Being certified on specific technologies helps you in many ways. First, it helps you understand which parts are considered by the specialists to be important. Second, it helps you to understand a new technology by having a goal. Finally, it helps you in your career because certifications are recognized by employers, and this can give you advantage over other applicants.

Who This Book Is For

Microsoft recommends that you have at least 1 year of experience programming in C# before attempting to take Exam 70-483. In addition, we recommend that you have some experience with other programming languages, although it is not necessary. If you are an experienced programmer, we recommend you to skim the chapters you are familiar with and read in detail those chapters you are not so confident about. If you are a novice programmer, we recommend you read the entire book, and make sure you understand all the chapter test questions and the study the Cheat Sheet at the end of every chapter.

What This Book Covers

This book covers C# language version 5.0 and .NET Framework version 4.5. We tried to cover all the skills measured by Exam 70-483, with each chapter focusing on specific key objectives. We provide, as well, many representative sample test questions that ...

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