Chapter 14. M

m prefix

See milli- prefix.

M prefix

See mega- prefix.

Mac- prefix

A prefix used to indicate a software product’s applicability for the Macintosh computer, as in MacDraw.

Mac n.

See Macintosh n..

MAC n.

Acronym for Media Access Control. In the IEEE 802.x specifications, the lower of two sublayers that make up the ISO/OSI data link layer. The MAC manages access to the physical network, delimits frames, and handles error control. See also IEEE 802.x n., LLC n..

MacBinary n.

A file transfer protocol used to preserve coding for Macintosh-produced files stored in non-Macintosh computers, containing the file’s resource fork, data fork, and Finder information block. See also data fork n., Finder n., resource fork n..

Mach n.

A variant of the UNIX operating ...

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