Chapter 1. Introduction 3
1.3 Applications covered in this book
This book covers several migration examples from different platforms. We have
selected several interesting open source applications we have found on (xPetstore, ivata groupware) and one application built
by IBM Performance Lab (Trade).
We have tried to cover as many technologies, features and functionalities for
each of those platforms and samples as possible with the time and resources we
had available. Table 1-1 illustrates the J2EE technologies, features and
functionalities we were able to cover. The list of open source frameworks used by
our sample applications is shown in Table 1-2 on page 4.
These tables are not a complete list of technologies available for these platforms
or applications and they should be used as a guide to map our migration results
with your own scenario.
Table 1-1 Technologies, features and functionalities covered in the migration examples
BEA WebLogic Server
Apache Tomcat 5.5.9
Application Trade 3.1 xPetstore
EJB 3.1.3
EJB 3.1.3
JSP 1.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Servlet 2.3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
EJB CMP 2.0 Yes Yes Yes No No
EJB SSB 2.0 Yes Yes Yes No No
JMS 1.0.2 Yes Yes Yes No No
Java Mail 1.2 No Yes Yes No Yes
JDBC 2.1 Yes No No No No
JSP 1.2 taglibs No Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Migrating Applications from WebLogic, JBoss and Tomcat to WebSphere V6
Table 1-2 Open source frameworks used in sample applications
Framework Description Application
Utility projects for logging, bean handling,
conversion of classes, etc.
ivata groupware
xPetstore EJB
xPetstore Servlet
Hibernate 2.1.8 Persistence framework for Java (sometimes
called Object Relational Mapping tool). Used
as an alternative to JDO and CMP EJBs. EJB
V3 is influenced by Hibernate.
ivata groupware
xPetstore Servlet
Apache Struts
MVC framework for Java Web applications. ivata groupware
xPetstore EJB
XDoclet 1.2 Annotation programming tool. Allows the
programmer to work with a single file, instead
of multiple files for single component. Used to
generate Web and EJB deployment
descriptors, configuration files for Hibernate
from XDoclet tags within Java files.
ivata groupware
xPetstore Servlet
xPetstore EJB
HSQL 1.7.3 Database and JDBC driver. ivata groupware
xPetstore EJB
MySQL 4.1 Open source relational database with JDBC
xPetstore Servlet
Lightweight embeddable container for
components that honor Dependency Injection -
generic factory that can be configured
dynamically. Used to manage a project’s
dependencies and simplify reuse of different
parts of an application for external projects.
ivata groupware
Container that manages trees of
PicoContainers, provides classpath
management and more. Used for script
initialization of PicoContainer modules using
ivata groupware
Groovy Dynamic scripting language for the Java 2
Platform. Used to initialize NanoContainer.
ivata groupware
Apache Maven
Tool that extends basic capabilities of Ant and
adds automatic dependency tracking,
simplifies build scripting, etc. Used as a
software project management tool, provides
build scripting and execution.
ivata groupware

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