access to leadership

all-hands meeting, 155

anniversary lunch, 157158

with closed feedback loop, 154

closed social circles, 157

employee first approach, 156

energy as key differentiation, 153

giving closure to topics, 154

group lunches, 156157

and hierarchy, 151152

management dos and don’ts, 159

Millennial dos and don’ts, 159160

open-door policy, 156

promise of immediate action, 154

staff education and training, 157

“surprise and delight” campaigns, 158159

urgent and non-urgent matters, 155

“Walk ‘n’ Talk” meetings, 158

weekly updates, 155156

acknowledgment. See appreciation

acrostic-based appreciation, 8990

advocate, mentor as, 164

all-hands meeting, 155

“and,” power of, 123124

anniversary luncheon, 157158


acrostic-based, ...

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