Part I    Power Line Channel and Noise: Characteristics and Modelling

1.    Introduction to Power Line Communication Channel and Noise Characterisation

Lars T. Berger, Pascal Pagani, Andreas Schwager and Piet Janse van Rensburg

2.    Narrowband Characterisation in an Office Environment

Klaus Dostert, Martin Sigle and Wenqing Liu

3.    Narrowband Measurements in Domestic Access Networks

Weilin Liu, Guangbin Chu and Jianqi Li

4.    Broadband In-Home Characterisation and Correlation-Based Modelling

Kaywan Afkhamie, Paola Bisaglia, Arun Nayagam, Fabio Osnato, Deniz Rende, Raffaele Riva and Larry Yonge

5.    Broadband In-Home Statistics and Stochastic Modelling

Andreas Schwager, Pascal Pagani, Daniel M. Schneider, ...

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