Rayleigh Fading Channels*


     Bernard Sklar

*A version of this chapter has appeared as two papers in the IEEE Communications Magazine, September 1997, under the titles “Rayleigh Fading Channels in Mobile Digital Communication Systems, Part I: Characterization” and “Part II: Mitigation.” A version of this chapter also appears in the book Digital Communications Fundamentals and Applications, 2nd edition, Chapter 15, by Bernard Sklar, Prentice-Hall 2001.

8.1 Introduction

8.2 The Challenge of a Fading Channel

8.3 Mobile Radio Propagation: Large-Scale Fading and Small-Scale Fading

Large-Scale Fading: Path-Loss Mean and Standard Deviation

Small-Scale Fading: Statistics and Mechanisms

8.4 Signal Time-Spreading Viewed in the Time-Delay Domain: ...

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