Chapter 15. Ten Ways to Reach Your Customers on Their Mobile Devices

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the power of the mobile media paths

  • Connecting with ads, commerce, and location

  • Engaging your customer through mobile-enhanced traditional media

Even the most personal and powerful marketing message doesn't help your business if it never reaches a person who can absorb the message and respond with a decision in favor of your business objectives. The great thing about mobile devices, like feature phones, smartphones, and tablets (see Chapter 1) is that they are connected to a single person and they offer lots of different ways to get your marketing messages delivered and noticed by the people who use them.

This chapter discusses ten ways for you to reach your customers on their mobile phones today. Technology is always changing, so make sure you also read Chapter 16 so you know where to look for even more ways to reach your customers as the future of mobile marketing unfolds.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Almost every mobile phone being produced today has the ability to send and receive text messages, also known as Short Message Service (SMS) messages. SMS is limited to 140 characters of plain text, but that's a good thing because short messages are a quick read that save your customers time reading through the stuff that isn't important. SMS is perfect for sending alerts, reminders, coupons, and other messages that get to the point quickly. You can also include links to mobile Web sites, downloads, ...

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