The Soundex Class

Since we’re ready to check in, let’s take a look at our solution. We decide that we don’t yet have a compelling reason to split out an implementation (.cpp) file, though that might be an essential part of making it production-ready in your system.

#include "gmock/gmock.h"
#include "Soundex.h"
using​ ​namespace​ testing;
class​ SoundexEncoding: ​public​ Test {
Soundex soundex;
TEST_F(SoundexEncoding, RetainsSoleLetterOfOneLetterWord) {
ASSERT_THAT(soundex.encode(​"A"​), Eq(​"A000"​));
TEST_F(SoundexEncoding, PadsWithZerosToEnsureThreeDigits) {
ASSERT_THAT(soundex.encode(​"I"​), Eq(​"I000"​));
TEST_F(SoundexEncoding, ReplacesConsonantsWithAppropriateDigits) {

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