Viewing, Editing, and Adding Questions to Quizzes

The Moodle Question Bank editing page has a number of different tools that enable you to add the questions to your quiz, preview them, edit them, and move them between categories and quizzes. Moodle uses icons to depict the questions and functions. Refer to Table 11-2 for the icons and their explanations. (To access the Question Bank page, click the Questions link in the Course Administration block, located on the left side of the course front page.)

Editing the question bank and quiz

The Quiz Question page is divided into two parts: Questions in This Quiz and Question Bank.

Question Bank

The Question Bank section is on the right (see Figure 11-24) with a number of different tools to manage your questions and categories. You have three drop-down lists:

  • Category: This drop-down list enables you to display your questions stored in specific categories you created. You also have options to include various questions by selecting the check boxes, Display Questions from Sub-Categories Too and Also Show Old Questions. If you create a very long list of questions, and the question names are too generic and don't give you enough information to identify specific questions, select the Show Question Text in the Question List check box to add the text above the question in the list.
  • Create New Question: This drop-down list offers all the question types. Use this list when you need to add a new question.
  • Question sorting: Moodle allows you to ...

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