Appendix A About Timor-Leste

First, here are some key dates in Timor-Leste’s history:

  1. 42,000 years ago—Oldest archeological find in Timor with human remains.
  2. 1225—Notes of Chinese official Zhao Rukuo mention Timor as source of quality sandalwood.
  3. 1600s—Portuguese invade Timor, set up trading post, and begin exploiting sandalwood resources.
  4. 1749—Timor split following battles between Portuguese and Dutch. Portuguese take the eastern half along with a small enclave in the west.
  5. 1942—Japanese invade Timor, and clash with Australian troops who are fighting there to avoid a Japanese invasion of Australia. Some 60,000 Timorese are killed under Japanese rule, which ends in 1945.
  6. 1974—Coup in Lisbon leads to new Portuguese government that begins ...

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