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MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership

Book Description

Leaders with moxie are those with the courage to stand up and be counted; those with the ability to take action; and those with the desire to win recognition for their teams as well as for themselves. 

In Moxie: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership, internationally recognized leadership expert John Baldoni shares the stories of leaders from all walks of life including business, politics, sports and the arts, and explores how they exemplify moxie. Baldoni shows how leaders can combine thought and action to take themselves and their organizations to new levels, inspiring innovation and effective leadership. 

Leaders with moxie burn with a desire to make something good happen; they are ambitious and willing to sacrifice for long-term gain; they know how to pick themselves up after a defeat. Those with moxie can read people and situations and know how and when to execute for results. 

The world “moxie” also serves as an acronym for Motivation, Opportunity, an X factor, Innovation, and Engagement that work together for success. 

Moxie is one-part courage, one-part can-do spirit, and one-part recognition; it is a concept that the modern leader would be wise to adopt. For management and employees alike, for every step on the career ladder, Moxie provides a roadmap and is an effective tool to bring out the inner-leader in everyone.