Chapter 23

Ten Reasons to Run an Initiative as a Programme

In This Chapter

arrow Employing parts of programme management

arrow Recognising when to start an emergent programme

arrow Using programme management to deal with risk and uncertainty

In Chapter 22, I provide three tests to help you decide whether to treat a change initiative as a project or a programme. But sometimes the world isn't that clear; you may not have a sufficiently broad perspective on your change initiative to make an easy and absolute one-thing-or-the-other decision.

So in this chapter, I provide ten symptoms that, if you spot them in your change initiative, suggest you need to think seriously about running it as a programme. I also include a number of illustrative examples from the real world to help clarify the situations. Frequently, the result is an emergent programme (one that evolves from concurrent projects; see Chapter 2 for details).

remember.eps You can use these indicators to consider employing certain elements of programme management to help you run a change initiative. You don't have to use all programme management to add value ...

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