List of figures and tables


1.1 Set of the film 1900, by Bernado Bertolucci 21
1.2 a) Comparisons of the shapes of various pipes for visual searches of these objects b) Images of the Churchwarden pipe 23
1.3 D-R head 26
2.1 Drawing representing the famous Magritte painting 37
3.1 a) Terminological search attempts applied to a painting by Roberto Sicilia b) Content-based search founded on concrete, figurative data on the same painting by Roberto Sicilia 80
4.1 Example from Grosky: multimedia content-based indexing 95
4.2 Another example from Grosky: content-based multimedia search 97
4.3 Hierarchy of possible representative levels in a document 121
4.4 Example of ‘collaborative filtering from Amazon’s website 129

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