As we have seen, record-by-record retrieval can save a lot of overhead. To retrieve a data piecemeal using MySQL for Python, one can call one of two methods of the Cursor object: fetchone() or fetchmany().

The fetchone() method

The fetchone() method of a cursor object returns exactly one row of results. If the query affects no rows, None is returned. Consider the following code:

import MySQLdb

mydb = MySQLdb.connect(host = 'localhost',
                       user = 'skipper',
                       passwd = 'secret',
                       db = 'fish')
cur = mydb.cursor()
statement = "SELECT * FROM menu WHERE name='shark'"
result = cur.fetchone()
print result

The outcome will be a raw form of the first record that matches the query.

(11L, 'shark', Decimal('13.00')

Note that only the first ...

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