, enclosing code rendering blocks, Code Rendering Blocks


ABCs (abstract base classes), Interfaces
abstract attribute for .class IL declaration, Common Intermediate Language Code
Abstract Data Type (ADT), Queue
abstract keyword, signaling the C# compiler with, C# Code
abstraction, engineering concept for software, Intermediate Language (IL)
Acceleration Server 2000, The .NET Platform
AcceptChanges( ) method, DataSet
access control lists (ACLs), Role-Based Security
ACLs (access control lists), Role-Based Security
acronyms, Common Acronyms, Common Acronyms
Activate( ) method, Object Pooling
activation information in COM, Deployment Options
Activator class, calling the GetObject method, Remote Hello Client
Active Server Pages (see ASP)
Active Template Library (see ATL)
ActiveMdiChild property, MDI Applications
ActiveX Data Objects (see ADO)
Add( ) method, Transactions
AddAt( ) method, Pagelets
AddMessageFilter Application property, Application Class
AddRange( ) method, MDI Applications
Administrators group, Configuring role-based security, Programming role-based security
ADO (ActiveX Data Objects), Data and XML, Common Acronyms
ADO.NET, .NET Framework, ADO.NET Benefits, Summary
architecture, ADO.NET Architecture
content components for, Content Components, DataRelation
interoperability of, Interoperability
managed providers for, Managed Providers, The DataAdapter Object
performance of, Performance
productivity of, Productivity
scalability of, Scalability
ADT (Abstract Data Type), Queue
Agents ...

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