Chapter 3: Setting up the Nikon D3300

The D3300 is a small camera, but it has quite a few buttons that are used for setting some of the most frequently accessed options. The D3300 also has several settings that can only be accessed by the menu system. You need to become familiar with the menu if you want to change important settings on the fly. If you’re constantly searching through the menu for the right settings, you risk losing shots. Luckily, many of the most important settings are available quickly with a press of the i button (9781118143216-ibutton.tif), but there are many options that you can set to create a camera experience that is much more intuitive to you personally.


Setting up your camera effectively allows you to focus on your art.

The Playback Menu

The Playback menu (9781118143216-playback.tif) displays options that allow you to control how your images are stored and reviewed. You can also select how the camera displays the images during image review, and what information is displayed while reviewing your images. Press the Menu button (9781118143216-menu2.tif), and then use the multi-selector up () or down () to highlight the Playback menu ...

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