Chapter 4. Shop for Content on Your NOOK Tablet

The NOOK is your entrée into the world of books, magazines, newspapers, and apps—-literally millions of them. And you get them all through the NOOK Store. Once you’ve downloaded any of these kinds of media, they live in your library (see Chapter 5 for details on organizing and managing your Library). This chapter gets you into the NOOK Store to buy content and get it into your library.


The process of searching the store and buying items is similar enough between books, magazines, newspapers, and apps that we’ll cover the general process using books as an example and pointing out specific differences when they occur between the different sections of the Store. Unless otherwise noted, getting magazines, newspapers, and apps is pretty much the same.

Browsing for Books in the NOOK Store

To get to the NOOK Store, tap Shop from the Quick Nav Bar, or tap a Shop icon if you’ve placed it on one of the panels in your Home Screen. You’ll be sent straight to the NOOK Store (Figure 4-1).

The NOOK Store
Figure 4-1. The NOOK Store

Toward the top of the page are categories: books, magazines, newspapers, kids, apps, and so on. Just beneath that, there’s a scrollable changing set of list of books and more, such as B&N Top 100, Cool NOOK Books, Picked Just For You (based on previous purchases), and more. Then, at the very bottom of the page, there’s a search box for searching for books.

Tap Books and you’ll come to a page with a scrollable list of categories at the top (Fiction & Literature, Romance, Mystery & Crime, and so on), and several types of list beneath it, including B&N Top 100, New York Times Bestsellers, and more (Figure 4-2).


Here’s another quick way to find books to buy: tap the Books media shortcut toward the bottom of your Home Screen. The screen that appears shows you not just books you’ve recently been reading, but also a link to browse the B&N top 100-selling books.

Shopping for books
Figure 4-2. Shopping for books

To see a category, tap it and you’ll come to screen with a scrollable list of subcategories at the top, and best-selling books in that category at the bottom. Tap a subcategory, and you’ll either see a list of books, or come to yet another subcategory, and so on, until you’ve finally gotten to the precise sub-sub-sub… (you get the idea) category of book you’re interested in. For example, you may start off with Books, then get to the Fiction & Literature category, then to the Mystery & Crime subcategory, then to the Women Detectives – Fiction sub-subcategory.

When you get there, you see a scrollable list of books in that subcategory, with the best-selling book in that subcategory at the top, then the next best-selling, and so on. You’ll see the title, cover, description, price, and customer rating for each book. Tap the book to see more information about it (for details, see page Figure 4-7).


No matter where you are in the NOOK Store, you can get to the store’s opening screen, its front door. Tap the icon of the house at the top left of the screen.

What if you want to look at a list of titles in a different order? Up at the top of the screen, tap the drop-down arrow next to Best Selling, and you can choose to see the books in another order—the newest first, oldest first, in alphabetical order, reverse alphabetical order, by price, and so on (Figure 4-3).

Choosing a different browsing order
Figure 4-3. Choosing a different browsing order

You can even change the way the list looks. Tap the down arrow on the right top of the screen, and a drop-down list appears that lets you display the books in a grid instead of a list, or else lets you see the books in list form with small icons or large icons. (Large icons is the default.)

Changing the list view
Figure 4-4. Changing the list view

Searching for Books

If you’re on a more targeted mission that just leisurely browsing—if there’s a particular book, author, or topic you’re interested in—tap in a search term or search terms into the search box at the bottom of the screen. As you type, the search results narrow. Tap any result that appears to launch it, or complete typing your search term or terms (as shown in Figure 4-5) and tap the Search button on the keyboard.

Searching for a book
Figure 4-5. Searching for a book

When you first tap into the Search box, you’ll see a list of previous searches you’ve launched. Tap any to launch it again.


The NOOK Store has many, many books you can download and read for free, ranging from the classics from authors like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, to reference books, and contemporary novels. You won’t find them in any one place, though. So if you’re looking for free books, search “free books for nook” in the store and you’ll find a massive collection.

After you do a search, your results display in a list in a moment or two. Handle it just like subcategory lists: reorder the results, and change the way they’re displayed.

Sampling and Buying Books

Now that you’ve done searching and browsing, it’s time to take the plunge and buy a book. As you’re browsing or searching you’ll see a green button next to a book you can buy, along with the price on it (Figure 4-6). If there’s no green button it means that you’ve already bought the book, and there will be a gray label with the word “Purchased” in the place where the price would normally be.

A book in the NOOK Store
Figure 4-6. A book in the NOOK Store


You can also preorder a book that hasn’t yet been released. If the book hasn’t been released yet, it has a green button, but instead of the price on the button, you’ll see the word “Preorder” there.

As you’ll see in a bit, you can buy the book by tapping the green button with the price on it. But let’s say you’re not quite sure that you want to buy the book, and want more information about it. Rather than tapping the green button, tap anywhere else in the book description. A screen appears with plenty of information about the book. It’s divided into three tabs:

This provides a good deal of information about the book, including customer ratings on a five-star scale (it also tells you the total number of people who have reviewed it), a lengthy description of the book, and buttons for getting a free sample or sharing the book. Down at the bottom of the screen there’s a small up arrow. Tap it and a screen rolls up that shows you a list of the books that customers have bought who purchased the book, and a list of other books the author has written (Figure 4-8). Tap the down arrow and the screen rolls back down.
Figure 4-7. Overview


If you think you want to buy the book at some point but not now, add it to your NOOK wishlist by tapping “Add to Wishlist” on the Overview Tab. You can get to the list at any point when you tap the My Account button in the upper-right corner of the Shop. Keep in mind, though, that your NOOK’s wishlist is separate from your wishlist on the web site. The Wishlist contains items that you can’t buy on your NOOK (paper-only books and paper-only newspapers and magazines), while the NOOK contains only items you can buy on the NOOK, which includes apps, not just books and periodicals.

Related books
Figure 4-8. Related books
Customer Reviews
Here’s where you can see the actual reviews themselves. You can also rate each review as to how helpful it was, and report the review if you think something is fishy about it — the author rating his own book, perhaps—or it contains material that violates B&N terms of conduct. It can be tough sifting through the useful and useless reviews, so the NOOK has very thoughtfully given you a tool to help find the useful ones. Toward the top of the screen there’s a “Most Helpful” drop-down menu that lets you view reviews starting with the most helpful, the most recent, the highest ratings or the lowest ratings.
Sort reviews by “Most Helpful”
Figure 4-9. Sort reviews by “Most Helpful”
Editorial Reviews
Want to know what professional reviewers have said about the book? Tap this tab, and there are are any professional reviews, they’ll show up here.

Sampling Books

Let’s say you’ve gone through all this material and you’re still not quite sure you want to buy. You’re interested but not yet sold. Tap back over to the Overview tab (Figure 4-7), and tap Free Sample. You’ll be able to read a section of the book before deciding whether you want to buy. After a few moments the sample downloads, and you’ll see the word “New” on the book cover. To read the sample, tap the Read Sample button that appears.

The book now also shows up on your Daily Shelf (see The Daily Shelf) with the word “New” on the cover. Tap it to read the sample.

You can now read the book as you would normally. The difference, of course, is that you won’t be able to read the entire book. The other difference is that a Buy Now button appears at the top of every page.


What if the sample you’ve downloaded isn’t sufficient for you to make a buying decision, and you want to read even more? Head over to your closest Barnes & Noble store. When you’re in a B&N store you get an hour of reading any NOOK Book for free (see Using Your NOOK Tablet at a Barnes and Noble Store for details).

Buying Books

Let’s say it’s time to buy the book. Whether you’re browsing a book and tap the green button, tap the green button on the Overview Tab, or tap Buy Now when you’re reading a sample, you’ll buy it essentially the same way, with some variations:

  • If you tap the green button when browsing or on the Overview tab, a Confirm button replaces the green price button.
  • If you tap Buy Now when reading a sample, you’ll get sent back to the Overview tab, where you can tap the green price button to buy.


After you buy a book or magazine, Barnes & Noble will send you an email confirming your purchase.

When you tap to buy, what happens next depends upon whether you’ve customized the Shop. If you haven’t done any customization, and just left the Shop setup as is, when you tap the Confirm button, the book downloads, and the credit card you have on file when you registered the NOOK is charged. If you’ve instead told the Shop to first ask for your B&N account password to be entered before buying anything, you’ll be prompted to enter your password. Enter the password, your credit card is charged, the book downloads and you can start reading. The book shows up on your Daily Shelf and in your Library.


It might take a little for your book to download before you can begin reading, depending on the size of the book and the speed of the WiFi network to which you are connected.

Browsing and Buying Magazines, Newspapers, and Apps

You buy browse, search for, and buy books and magazines from the NOOK Store in the same way that you do books. At the top level of the store, tap Magazines, Newspapers, or Apps instead of Books, and browse them the same way as you do books. The same holds true for searching.


When you buy a book, newspaper, magazine, or app, it’s available not just on your NOOK, but to a NOOK app on a smartphone or tablet, as well as on a personal computer.

There are just a few minor differences between buying magazines, newspapers, and apps instead of books:

  • You generally won’t be able to download samples of magazines.
  • When you buy magazine or newspaper, you can buy a single issue (the current one), or else subscribe to the periodical.
  • New NOOK customers can get a free 14-day subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.

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