Open-Source ESBs in Action

Book description

Choice is usually a good thing for consumers but it can be difficult to navigate the landscape of Open Source ESBs. I believe this book is extremely valuable for readers looking to choose an ESB and looking to get a stronger grasp on how to implement an ESB using open source projects. I found the case studies in section III particularly useful since they pull together many of the concepts learned throughout the book.

This book guides the reader through a logical journey of discovery and demonstration to deliver a solid understanding of the core ESB concepts and how they can be used in the real world. Armed with this book and the wealth of open source projects available I think the reader will be ready to take on any ESB project. Open Source made ESBs a lot more fun, go and enjoy yourself! —From the Foreword by Ross Mason, Creator of the Mule Project

Open-Source ESBs in Action describes how to use ESBs in real-world situations. You will learn how the various features of an ESB such as transformation, routing, security, connectivity, and more can be implemented on the example of two open-source ESB implementations: Mule and ServiceMix. The authors first introduce ServiceMix and Mule, and then present general principles and patterns of ESB use, as well as a structured approach to solving common integration problems, through examples using them.

About the Technology

The need for enterprise integration is widespread for the simple reason that businesses require independent applications to exchange information with each other. A CRM application must know about the order history of a customer, but that history is stored in the sales application. A technology that companies increasingly use to integrate enterprise applications is the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

About the Book

Working in integration projects is exciting, with new technologies and paradigms arriving every day. In this area, open source is playing a more and more dominant role with projects such as Mule and ServiceMix. Open-Source ESBs in Action will help you to learn open-source integration technologies quickly and will provide you with knowledge that you can use to effectively work with Mule and ServiceMix.

What's Inside
  • Numerous code examples
  • Detailed explanation on how to use Mule and ServiceMix
  • Practical, real-world examples and case studies
  • Integration with a full open source tool stack

About the Reader

About the Authors

Tijs Rademakers is a software architect with more than six years of experience in designing and developing Java and EE applications. He works for Atos Origin, a large European system integrator, where he is responsible for SOA and BPM services and knowledge development. Tijs has designed and implemented large process- and application-integration solutions, primarily focused on open standards. He has extensive product knowledge of open source as well as closed source SOA and enterprise integration tools, including Mule, ServiceMix, jBPM, and WebSphere Process Server. Tijs is a regular speaker at Java conferences, where he talks about open source integration topics like Mule and ServiceMix. Tijs lives in the Netherlands near Eindhoven with his girlfriend and his new daughter, Liv.

Jos Dirksen has been working with Java and J2EE applications for more than six years as a software architect. The last couple of years, his focus topics have been open source, security, and quality. He has worked with various open source and commercial integration solutions, mostly in the government and the healthcare areas. Jos has a lot of project experience working with Mule, Apache Synapse, and Apache Axis2 and has also completed projects based on the integration tooling from IBM. Jos regularly gives presentation on open source, Mule, and other related topics. He lives in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with his wife.

A great book for any ESB practitioner.
- Rick Wagner, Acxiom Corporation

A must-have ESB resource!
- Craig Borysowich, Imagination Edge, Inc.

The most comprehensive content that I've seen on open source ESBs.
- Rodney Biresch, Chariot Solutions

The Bible for integration architects.
- Davide Piazza, Omnys s.r.l.

...ample code samples and excellent descriptions.
- Jeff Davis, HireRight, Inc.

This book will take you to a new level.
- Christian Siegers, Stater International Mortgage Services

Product information

  • Title: Open-Source ESBs in Action
  • Author(s): Jos Dirksen, Tijs Rademakers
  • Release date: September 2008
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781933988214