Appendix B. Differences between Mule 1.4.x and Mule 2.0.x

This appendix presents a high-level overview of the differences between Mule 1.4.x and Mule 2.0.x. If you want more information on this subject, the Mule site also provides information about what’s new in Mule 2.0:

We start with the biggest change, which is the way you configure Mule. If you’re experienced with Mule 1.4, you probably know that Mule 1.4 used a DTD to validate the configuration and provide rudimentary code completion. In Mule 2.0, this is changed to an XSD-based configuration.

XSD-based configuration

With the XSD-based configuration, it’s easy to create Mule configurations. You define in your XML header ...

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