Note: ‘Page numbers followed by “f” indicate figures, “t” indicate tables.’
bending beam concept, 199
fiber optic hydrophone, 200
mass–spring system, 199, 200f
Acoustic monitoring
hydraulic fracture monitoring, 232
pipeline intrusion detection, 231–232
slugging, 232
Aerospace applications, optical fiber mechanical sensors
accelerometers, 255
aircraft design, 244–245
aircraft industry, 248–249
antenna, 240
BOCDA, 251
Bulldog light aircraft, 250–251
cantilever beam theory, 256
CVM, 253
data mining, 248
design and test phases, 248
D-fiber, 242
embedding fibers, 258–259
fail-safe philosophy, 244–245
fatigue failures, 245–246
fiber cavity etalons, 241
flight control, measurements for
measuring acceleration, 243–244

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