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Oracle Database 10g Express Edition PHP Web Programming

Book Description

The turnkey solution for Oracle’s new FREE database--only from Oracle Press

This book and CD-ROM package contains everything you need to get started programming on Oracle Database 10g Express Edition. Learn, hands-on, how to develop enterprise applications in PHP which run on Oracle Database 10g Express Edition. The CD-ROM includes a full version of Oracle Database 10g Express Edition with all of the code and solutions from the book.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Introduction
  5. PHP Fundamentals
    1. Overview of PHP and Oracle Web Programming
      1. History and Background
      2. Developing Web Programming Solutions
      3. Summary
    2. Installing and Configuring Oracle Express, Apache, and PHP
      1. Linux Platform Installation
      2. Windows XP Platform Installation
      3. Summary
    3. Writing Web Pages
      1. Delimiting PHP Program Units
      2. Displaying Output to Web Pages
      3. Putting Comments in PHP Programs
      4. Summary
    4. Variables, Operators, Data Types, and File Inclusion
      1. Variables
      2. Library File Inclusion
      3. Reserved Words and System Constants
      4. Summary
    5. Control Structures
      1. Conditional Structures
      2. Iterative Control Structures
      3. Summary
  6. PHP Programming
    1. Arrays
      1. Defining Arrays
      2. Managing Arrays
      3. Sorting Arrays
      4. Merging and Partitioning Arrays
      5. Summary
    2. Functions
      1. Defining Functions
      2. Understanding Variable Scope in Functions
      3. Managing Function Parameters
      4. Using Functions to Return Values
      5. Managing Dynamic Function Calls
      6. Using Recursive Functions
      7. Summary
    3. Objects
      1. Defining and Using Objects
      2. Defining and Using Inheritance and Polymorphism
      3. Implementing Objects
      4. Summary
    4. Error Management and Exception Handling
      1. Error Management
      2. Exception Handling
      3. Summary
    5. File I/O
      1. Understanding Files and File Systems
      2. Reading and Writing Files
      3. Summary
  7. PHP Application Development
    1. Basic HTTP Authentication and Forms
      1. Defining the Remote Procedure Call Paradigm
      2. Using Basic Authentication
      3. Developing Authenticating Forms
      4. Summary
    2. Cookies and Sessions
      1. Defining and Using Cookies
      2. Defining and Using Sessions
      3. Applying Cookies and Sessions
      4. Summary
  8. PHP and Oracle Express Development
    1. Oracle SQL Queries and Transactions
      1. Connecting to Oracle Using the OCI8 Libraries
      2. Using the OCI8 Function Library
      3. Querying and Transacting Using SQL Statements
      4. Summary
    2. Oracle PL/SQL Transactions
      1. Explaining PL/SQL Stored Procedures
      2. Using Reference Cursors and PL/SQL Stored Procedures
      3. Using Associative Arrays and PL/SQL Stored Procedures
      4. Using Collections and PL/SQL Stored Procedures
      5. Summary
    3. Oracle Large Object Transactions
      1. Defining the OCI8 LOB Functions and OCI-Lob Object
      2. Using BLOB, CLOB, and NCLOB Data Types
      3. Using CFILE and BFILE Data Types
      4. Summary
  9. Appendixes
    1. HTML Tag Index
    2. Strings, Tools, and Techniques
      1. Summary
    3. PHP Environment Constants
    4. Environment Interfaces and Object Types
    5. POSIX File Functions
    6. Date Functions
    7. Oracle Database Primer
      1. Oracle Database Architecture
      2. Starting and Stopping the Oracle Database
      3. Starting and Stopping the Oracle Listener
      4. Accessing and Using SQL*Plus Interface
      5. SQL Command-Line Interface
      6. SQL Web Application Interface
      7. Summary
    8. SQL Primer
      1. Oracle SQL Data Types
      2. Data Definition Language (DDL)
      3. Data Query Language (DQL)
      4. Data Manipulation Language (DML)
      5. Data Control Language (DCL)
      6. Summary
    9. PL/SQL Primer
      1. Oracle PL/SQL Block Structure
      2. Variables, Assignments, and Operators
      3. Control Structures
      4. Stored Functions, Procedures, and Packages
      5. Database Triggers
      6. Collections
      7. Using the DBMS_LOB Package
      8. Summary
    10. Database Setup Scripts
      1. Create System Login and Logout Structures
      2. Create Media Store Structures
      3. Seed Media Store Data
      4. Create and Seed PL/SQL Example
      5. Summary
  10. Index