A Ten-Minute Tour

In Chapter 1, you met the PalmPilot’s hardware; in this chapter, you’ve had a taste of its software. Chapter 4 will walk you through the individual software programs, but if you’re like most new PalmPilot owners, you’re eager to get going. This section builds on what you know about the PalmPilot’s basic operation to illustrate how a typical work session might go.

Adding a Name

You’re on the phone. Somebody’s giving you an important phone number. If this were last week, you might have begun scrambling for paper and pencil; now that you have a PalmPilot, however, you shove the stylus out of the right-side pocket with your thumb. Without even turning the device on, you’re ready to receive the information.

  1. Press the Address Book button—the button with the tiny white telephone icon. The device simultaneously turns on and opens up the Address Book program.

  2. Tap the New button. The screen shown in Figure 2.9 appears. For the moment, let’s say you don’t know how to write using the Graffiti alphabet (because you haven’t read Chapter 3 yet). Therefore, you’ll have to input your new name and phone number using the keyboard screen.

  3. Tap the dot in the corner of the Graffiti writing area, as shown in Figure 2.9 . When the onscreen keyboard appears, tap out the name Simms. Don’t worry about capitalizing the S; the PalmPilot is smart enough to assume that you’re inputting a name and to capitalize the word automatically. Tap the onscreen keyboard’s Done button when you’re finished. ...

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