AAPL. See Apple (AAPL)
ABS. See asset-backed securities (ABS)
accrual accounting, 652
active management, 287, 289
active manager, 289
funds benefits, 289290
passive alternative vs., 290
active management approach
See also passive management approach
currency contribution separation, 435437
portfolio and benchmark data, 436
active management in efficient markets
academic literature, 286
active vs. passive management, 287288
actively managed bond funds, 288
asset classes and vehicles, 286
average underperformance, 287
financial crisis, 288289
four factor alphas, 8
ISA, 287
self-selection bias, 286
study’s results, 287
problems, 309
SAMs, 290
active risk budgeting, 305
fund/manager characteristics, 299
macroeconomic forecasting, 294296 ...

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