References for More Information


RFC1288:The Finger User Information Protocol, D. Zimmerman, 1991.

WHOIS is a list of most major WHOIS servers.
RFC954:NICNAME/WHOIS, K. Harrenstien, M. Stahl, and E. Feinler, 1985.


An Internet Approach to Directories, Netscape, 1997 (found at ) is an excellent white paper introduction to LDAP.
An LDAP Roadmap & FAQ, Jeff Hodges, 1999 (found at and are the home pages for the co-developers of PerLDAP. is a free LDAP server under active development. is home of the parent of both the OpenLDAP and Netscape directory servers. Some of the introduction documentation is still quite useful.
Implementing LDAP, by Mark Wilcox (Wrox Press, 1999).
LDAP-HOWTO, Mark Grennan, 1999 (found at
LDAP Overview Presentation, Bruce Greenblatt, 1999 (found at
LDAP:Programming Directory-Enabled Applications With Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, by Tim Howes and Mark Smith (Macmillan Technical Publishing, 1997).
Netscape Directory Server Administrator’s / Installation/Deployment Guides and SDK documentation (found at
RFC1823:The ...

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